FlexEP EPDM Strip

Superior Qualities

  • In terms of their areas of use, EPDM sponge seal is far more efficient compared to other sponges, and has high values in terms of both heat range and material resistance. It is an EPDM-based, soft, closed-cell sponge.
  • Special-shaped seals, which require particle, air and water tightness qualities along with the ability to be compressed, include sealing strips with single-side adhesive and other similar sealing products. They are divided into 4 categories based on their density. They are classified under the densities of 075-100-130-170.
  • They have a fixed operating width of 1000 mm. It is coated with prime on single end. The prime serves as an extra layer to minimize material deformation. EPDM sponges with single primer coating are available at our company. In terms of pricing, the fact that they have additional support compared to other qualified EPDM sponge seals is one of the main reasons it is highly sought by Automotive, White Goods and Sub-industry companies.
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